About Us

Located just 1.5 hours west of Washington, DC, Shepherd's Spring has been welcoming guests since 1990 with simple, comfortable, and well maintained facilities in a beautiful natural setting.

Operated by a dedicated staff and a team of volunteers Shepherd's Spring is designed to be a “Source of Renewal - A Place to Grow!”, welcoming people of all ages from the church as well as educational, non-profit, business, and governmental organizations.

We sponsor a variety of events and coordinate major programs such as Christian Summer Camps, Road Scholar Programs, and Global Village Experiences.

Shepherd's Spring is an independent non-profit organization associated with the Mid-Atlantic District Church of the Brethren, an accredited member of the American Camp Association (ACA), and the Outdoor Ministries Association (OMA) of the Church of the Brethren. 

The Church of the Brethren is one of the Historic Peace Churches. Peace is not the absence of conflict, but it requires the ability to cope with conflict in nonviolent and helpful ways. In our concern for the well-being of neighbors near and far, Brethren have begun creative programs to enable the world’s poor to walk toward a better life. Heifer Project International (providing livestock for poor families) and SERRV International (supporting craft producers in developing countries), for example, were both begun by Brethren before they grew into ecumenical ministries.  If you choose, you may learn more about those organizations during your stay at Shepherd's Spring.  For more information about us, call or see our bylaws.  

Contact us and let us help you plan your next event, enroll in one of our programs, or learn about part-time, as well as full-time, jobs and volunteer opportunities.

We can be found also on Christian Camp Pro Youth Camp and Retreat Center Directory.