Heifer Global Village

"Don't forget that the Heifer Global Village is open year-round! Adjustments may be made for colder weather, but the programs are just as impactful and life-changing as they've always been." -- Heather Barnes, HGV Program Coordinator

The Heifer Global Village is a collection of authentic model houses from around the world.  Here you will find mud huts, a stilt house, thatch roofs, rain barrels, animal pens, beautiful tapestries, prayer flags, water jugs, hand-painted Mayan tiles, and so much more.  These homes represent impoverished areas around the globle where Heifer International has worked to eradicate hunger and poverty through gifts of livestock, education, and caring for the environment.  Shepherd's Spring works in partnership with Heifer to provide experiential, highly rewarding programs for children, teens, and adults who can then use their new experiences and insights to go out and make a difference in someone else's life. 

Programs in the Heifer Global Village range from one-hour walking tours to half-day cooking programs to extensive overnights in which participants become “citizens” of a specific house for the evening and must plan and cook their dinner together and ensure that everyone “survives” 'til morning. It looks fun and easy, but success is not guaranteed!

The Heifer Global Village at Shepherd’s Spring is one of only four such villages in the country and the only one in the Mid-Atlantic region. The other three Heifer Global Village sites are Heifer Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts; Howell Nature Center in Howell, Michigan; and Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas.

Who comes to the Heifer Global Village?

Public and private school classes * University classes and clubs * Religious groups * Volunteer & service organizations * Girl & Boy Scout troops * Homeschoolers * Families * Road Scholars * Intergenerational programs 

What programs are offered in the Heifer Global Village?

  • Self-guided tours by appointment: by donation
  • Guided one-hour tours (5th grade - adult)
  • Guided 90-minute activity tours (K-4th grade)
  • Cultural Connections
  • Seeds
  • Global Gateway
  • Global Explorer
  • Heifer Fair Share Meal

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The program exceeded my expectations. The lessons & demonstrations were meaningful, appropriate, and impactful. The pacing between active and quiet events was perfect. This was exactly what we needed to complete our Bronze Award project.

Tara, Girl Scout leader