Retreats & Groups

Shepherd’s Spring facilities are excellent for your group or individual get-away.

Retreat groups experience community, peace, serenity, and personal growth by getting away from the distractions of everyday life.

Individuals looking for a personal retreat can find peace and solitude here.  Leaving behind the hectic pace of everyday life and reconnecting to nature is a necessary way to strengthen coping mechanisms and quiet our minds.

Contact us to check availability, and let us help you plan your next event.

Enhance your Experience by "Branching Out"

Led by Shepherd's Spring staff, Branching Out programs vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours and the staff can help you select one or more Branching Out experiences to fit your group.
Teambuilding Activities - Help your group members explore how they work together. Problem-solving, decision-making, and communication skills are all part of learning to work together during these activities.  Group cost:  $40 - 70/hr depending on group size. 
Teambuilding Initiatives Course - Take your group-building a step further. The initiatives course allows your group members to strengthen their skills to communicate, problem-solve, and make decisions through a variety of challenges.  Group cost:  $40/hr.
Spiritual Direction- If you desire spiritual direction for yourself or your group while you are visiting with us, please contact Mr. Poling to explore options. 

Other Activities Include - Bear Cave guided hike, tie-dye activities, firebuilding with hobo meal, vermiculture, rope making, origami crafts, painting, and more.  For additional information and prices, email or call.  

Come visit our prayer labyrinth! To find others, click here.