Seeds Program

Five-hour program for 5th grade - adult

New this year! A mini version of the popular Global Gateway, this program challenges participants to work together to acquire food, then cook a creative cultural meal at their house in the Heifer Global Village. Unlike our other half-day program, Cultural Connections, Seeds touches on hunger, poverty, income inequality, and other struggles faced daily by impoverished communities around the world. Older groups may opt for the more challenging bartering simulation, while younger groups get an introduction to budgeting and decision-making in our popular world marketplace.

Group size: 8 to 80 youth
Chaperone requirements: one adult for every 8 youth; minimum 2 adults

Pricing: Varies by group size, season, and other factors

Cost: Starts at $20 per person


Sample Seeds schedule (marketplace version):

10:00am Welcome & orientation, introduction to the work of Heifer International

10:15am World Map activity

10:45am Walking tour of the Heifer Global Village

12:00pm Market opens. “Family” groups decide what to buy, then cook a delicious cultural meal at their house in the global village. Afterward, families work together to clean up dishes and houses.

2:30pm Reconvene in the Lower Level classroom for debrief activities and discussions.

3:00pm Program finished.