Seeds Program

5 to 6 hour program for 5th grade and up, depending on the group’s flexibility, attention span, maturity, program goals, etc. and can be held indoors or out, almost any season.  

This program is an introduction to some of the struggles facing poor people every day. Participants are divided into “families” and given money to spend at our world marketplace. They must work together to make a budget and choose what to buy to feed their family, then cook an international meal. It looks fun, but it’s not easy! Additional activities include world population and consumption, a walking tour of the Heifer Global Village, and debrief activities and discussions.

General Overview

  • Introduction, World Map activity
  • Walking tour of the Global Village
  • Market opens, kids plan what to buy and go shopping
  • Market closes, kids cook lunch with what they have purchased
  • Debrief
  • Malnutrition activity
  • Hunger Narrative
  • Action Plan/Now What? Discussion

Chaperones needed – 1 to 2 for every 10 youth.
Cost: $45 per person